How to get to Favignana island from Trapani with hydrofoil

Favignana island is located in the west of Sicily. It is the biggest of three Egadi islands (other 2 are Levanzo and Marettimo). Favignana is lying approximately 15 km from the Trapani coast and it has a land area of 19.8 square kilometres. From east to west it should be approximately 9 km. Favignana is famous for tuna, beaches and cliffs. But the beaches are not nice and smooth rather than cliffy.

Getting to Favignana island

The easiest way to get to Favignana island is from Trapani with Liberty Lines hydrofoil or with Siremar ferry. The hydrofoil drives to Favignana around 30-40 minutes and the ferry ride will take around 60 minutes. If you want to go there with your car, then the only option would be the ferry. But probably you won’t need a car since it is quite a small island and there are lots of bike and scooter rentals. Rental prices are also quite reasonable- bike rent will cost about 4-5€ per day and scooter rent will cost around 30€ per day.

We decided to choose Liberty Lines hydrofoil since it was faster and we found their homepage to be more user-friendly. Roundtrip ticket cost us 21.14€ per person. We went there in September but still booked the tickets online on a previous day. And we were glad that we did it, since finding the parking spot was really difficult.

Liberty Lines hydrofoil (Carmen M) from Favignana to Trapani
Liberty Lines hydrofoil (Carmen M) from Favignana to Trapani

Parking in Trapani

Since we didn’t stay at the hotel in Trapani, and we were going to Favignana island with a hydrofoil, we needed a parking space for our car. At first, we planned to park in the parking lot at Piazza Vittorio Emanuele. But when we arrived there (in the middle of September, on a Thursday, around 11:30), the parking lot was full! We circled on the parking lot about 10 minutes but were still unable to find a free space. The clock was ticking (we had the tickets to 12:10 hydrofoil) and we needed to find a parking space. Luckily we found a parking place near the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, on the seaside. Prize there was the same as in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele parking lot- 0.10€ per hour. At the parking machine- first, you need to enter your licence plate number, and then you can add money based on the time you want to park there. But be aware- on the seaside and on the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, the parking cost is 0.10€ per hour, but when you go few streets closer to the city centre, the parking will cost 0.80€ per hour.

Hydrofoil ride and mess with e-ticket

We had booked the online tickets but they were not printed out (we had them on the smartphone). The line on the ticket office was quite long (at least 15-20 people) and we arrived at the port approximately 15 minutes before departure. At first, we were told that we have to wait at the ticket line. We are not quite sure why, since the tickets have the QR code. But about 10 minutes before departure they started looking for the people who had e-tickets. And then they were able to scan our tickets QR code directly from our phone. Don’t know why they were not able to do this before. So basically, you should be able to go straight to the hydrofoil with an e-ticket.

Liberty Lines hydrofoil E-ticket - Trapani to Favignana
Liberty Lines hydrofoil E-ticket – Trapani to Favignana

At the hydrofoil, the crew helped us to find available seats. The ride with hydrofoil was smooth and lasted about 40 minutes (we had the middle stop at Lorenzo island).

Make sure you put the correct location into your navigation app. The correct location is “Hydrofoil Ferry Terminal Trapani”. When looking at the sea it is located bit left from the “Trapani port”.

Our experience

Favignana island is a beautiful island but I was a little disappointed about it. Maybe my expectations were a little too high. But I personally wouldn’t go there again. You can read more about our experience on the island here.


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